The Three-Minute Ph.D. Competition in the Social Sciences invites EUI researchers to present their research topic in a short, 3-minute video to an audience with no background in that specific research area.

Similar competitions amongst doctoral candidates have been held at hundreds of universities across the world. However, the competition launched by the EUI is the first of this kind in the social sciences and humanities. It includes all four EUI disciplines:


How does it work?

  • Submit a video explaining your Ph.D. research, following the rules of the competition.
  • The videos are evaluated by a jury according to an established set of criteria.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners.
  • The winning videos will be published on the EUI website and widely distributed through the institute’s social media channels.


Why participate?

  • To develop your ability to explain your work effectively to a non-specialized audience, a core skill when working in both academic and non-academic environments.
  • To help you identify your strengths and weaknesses when communicating a subject as complex as your research, in a clear and concise manner.
  • Your video can be added to your online profile and shared with people interested in your work.
  • Last but not least, you might win a prize!


  The Three Minute Ph.D. Competition is an excellent opportunity to convey the knowledge
you are building at the EUI with a wider audience and to increase the visibility of the research you are carrying out.

Professor Renaud Dehousse, President of the European University Institute



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