Jury and Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

Each of the following three criteria will be taken into account, in equal parts, by the jury:

1. Relevance

  • Did the presentation touch upon the relevance of the topic?

2. Comprehension and Content

  • Did the presentation provide a clear understanding of the research question?
  • Was the presentation clear and well-structured, and was it easy to follow?
  • Was the language and terms used appropriate for a non-specialist audience?
  • Does the presentation avoid scientific jargon and explain relevant terminology?

3. Engagement and Communication

  • Did the presentation create interest or curiosity to know more about the topic?
  • Did the presenter convey enthusiasm for her/his topic?
  • Did the presenter capture and maintain the audience’s attention?
  • Did the presentation offer a clear take-away to the listener?


Jury of the 1st edition (2017-2018)


External Jury Member 


Sir Jonathan Faull

Chair, European Public Affairs of the Brunswick Group, formerly official in the European Commission

More about Jonathan Faull 



EUI Jury Members


Axelle Ferriere

Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics

More about Axelle Ferriere




Jean-Michel Glachant

Professor of Economics. Director of the Florence School of Regulation and Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair at the EUI Robert Schuman Centre

More about Jean-Michel Glachant




Marco Incerti

EUI Director of Communications

More about Marco Incerti




Martin Scheinin

Professor of International Law and Human Rights and EUI Dean of Graduate Studies

More about Martin Scheinin




Mishka Sinha

Max Weber Fellow

More about Mishka Sinha




Corinna Unger

Professor of Global and Colonial History

More about Corinna Unger




Jennifer Welsh

Professor in International Relations and Director of Graduate Studies

More about Jennifer Welsh