Do you need any help?

Working on your video can be as simple as asking a friend or colleague to film you with a smart phone or tablet.
However, in case you need technical assistance or equipment, or if you would like to use the competition as an occasion to improve your communication skills, Academic Service is ready to support you!


Filming and editing support

Good results can be obtained even without professional filming equipment, you can use a smartphone or tablet for example. You are also welcome to borrow devices from the Academic Service (tablets, tripod and microphone). We can also offer appointments to help you with the shooting of your video, editing using free and commonly used software editing programmes or other programmes/apps that allow you to animate your video with sound, images/graphics or animations.

Contact Hedda Langeby for more information!


Communication support

You will have the opportunity to get individual communication training, in the form of feedback on your draft scripts or recordings, or on your spoken English and pronunciation.

Contact Jim Pavitt or Jonathan Fitchett from the Language Centre for more information!